Plant & Substation Automation

mBELLAb provides localized automation schemes for a single transmission substation or a section of the distribution network covering primary and secondary sites as well as for the industrial plants which vary from a basic mini or large RTU and centralized Substation Control System (SCS) to Distributed Control Systems (DCS/SAS). mBELLAb offers Substation Automation Systems (SAS) with advanced features such as:

  • Data monitoring
  • Logic controlling
  • Alarm archiving
  • Event recording
  • Fault recoding
  • Disturbance recording
  • Local and remote controlling from PLC, BCU & HMI
  • Substation and bay interlocking
  • Measurement recording
  • Protection system implementation accompanied with remote configuration
  • Network automation

SAS systems have automation schemes that share data and commands at a high speed including auto-sectionalizing, interlocking, distributed protection and network automation. Similar solutions are also utilized in the water and waste water industry to automate treatment plants, pumping stations, and reservoirs.